First Poster For Wrong Turn Remake Teases The Arrival Of New Villains

Wrong Turn

The Wrong Turn franchise wouldn’t spring to mind when one thinks of the most beloved horror series around, but it’s still been pretty sustainable over the years, churning out six films between 2003 and 2014. Now, the terror is set to continue with yet another outing that’ll be here at some point in 2020.

As you might’ve heard, Constantin Film – the studio behind the Resident Evil movies – is responsible for this new chapter in the franchise – titled Wrong Turn: The Foundation – and it’ll apparently be a remake/reboot that centers on an inbred family of cannibalistic mountain men who reside in West Virginia. Mike P. Nelson, who was behind the camera for acclaimed post-apocalyptic thriller The Domestics, is at the helm of this one and it now looks like the promotional campaign is ready to get underway.

Seen in the gallery below is the very first poster for the pic and while it doesn’t really show us a whole lot, it does tease the arrival of the new enemies in this one: The Foundation. It also tells us that the film will be with us soon, though stops short of revealing an exact release date. Shame.

Of course, we still have much to learn about Wrong Turn: The Foundation, but we’ve so far heard that it’ll be a “timely and topical meditation on society and its issues.” This indicates that the pic might be aiming a little higher than your typical horror remake, though we imagine it’ll still be sticking to the franchise’s familiar formula.

In any case, hopefully this poster indicates that a trailer will be with us soon, but until then, be sure to share your initial thoughts on Wrong Turn: The Foundation with us in the comments section down below and keep an eye on this space for more.