New Downton Abbey Movie Posters Tease A Royal Affair To Remember

Downton Abbey

It’s been four long years since Downton Abbey has gone off the air, and fans from all over have eagerly anticipated the release of the upcoming film of the same name. While the cast and creative team certainly took their time in hammering out scripts, schedules, and other logistics, it looks like everything is starting to fall into place. Despite a change in directors, filming concluded late last year, and back in May, we finally got our first real look at the movie, thanks to a full-length trailer.

While we eagerly await release day, we have a rough idea of what this new story will focus on. It seems an entire year was skipped, as the trailer reveals that it’s now 1927. The big news around Downton Abbey is King George V and Queen Mary are coming to visit the countryside, which means everyone has a lot of work ahead of them to get everything in order. Mary (Michelle Dockery) is left in charge, but she enlists the aid of the loveable butler Mr. Carson (Jim Carter), who agrees to come out of retirement to help out.

A set of posters released this week courtesy of Focus Features show off the upstairs residents in their finest attire, with the downstairs staff looking equally sharp in uniform. While the film features plenty of wining, dining, and partying, fans will hopefully get a chance to catch up with their favorite characters and see how everyone’s getting along.

When the show ended, Mr. Carson and Anna had welcomed their first child into the world, and Lady Edith and Bertie had just tied the knot. As such, there’s sure to be plenty of drama to enjoy when Downton Abbey hits theaters on September 20th, and we’ll keep you updated on any news as and when we hear of it.

Until then, though, tell us, are you looking forward to the film? Sound off down below with your thoughts.