New Train To Busan: Peninsula Posters Reveal Life In The Wasteland

Train to Busan

Train to Busan is the best and most successful South Korean zombie movie, as well as being one of the greatest zombie films ever, so a follow-up was an inevitability. Now, as Train to Busan: Peninsula hopefully approaches some form of release, a pair of new posters have been unveiled.

Peninsula isn’t a direct sequel to the first movie, as its story and titular journey were both resolutely over upon its completion, and its few survivors are not returning. However, the setting is the same, and will likely continue the themes of stratified society that Train to Busan put forwards. Think of it like George Romero’s Dead movies; none of them feature the same characters, but they all take place in the same increasingly ravaged world.

The posters below certainly capture the fear, uncertainty and occasional intensity of a post-apocalyptic wasteland infested by roving bands of bloodthirsty rage monsters, suggesting the tone will be just as unforgiving.

The story is set four years after the events of the first movie that saw the outbreak begin. Korea has now been abandoned to the undead and cut off in an attempt to prevent the virus going global, with nothing left of the nation but its geography, hence the film’s title. A group of marines are sent in on a retrieval mission only to become trapped and, as the trailer reveals, discover there are still humans surviving in the blacked-out urban wilderness, although they prove just as dangerous as the zombies.

An exact release date for Train to Busan: Peninsula is yet to be revealed, but it will almost certainly be another major release to debut on VOD, and if marketing like these posters continues. we can presumably expect an announcement soon. In the meantime, I’d recommend people check out Seoul Station, an oft-overlooked animated prequel to Train to Busan that has just as much brutal zombie action and social commentary on the perceived value of human life.