Potential Identity Of The Dead Robin in Batman V Superman Hinted At By Warner Bros.

batman robin

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice might be over a month old now, but the movie is still generating some juicy secrets for those who enjoyed themselves at the superhero slugfest. The new rumor comes from an Instagram post, of all places, posted on Wednesday, April 27, that possibly hints to the identity of Robin in the DC Extended Universe.

Seen in a glimpse of a shot in the Batcave – with some Joker graffiti smeared across its chest – was a suit apparently worn by Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin. Because of this, many fans believe the implication is that Joker killed Robin in this iteration of the universe, but the exact identity of which Robin it was remained a mystery.

That is, until now (maybe). As CBM points out, the comic arc “Batman: A Death in the Family,” features the Joker killing Jason Todd, the second version of Robin (the first was Dick Grayson). The biggest stinger is that Joker specifically killed Todd on April 27. It seems highly unlikely such a coincidence could have been made with the timing of the Instagram post, but speculate as you like.

With no official word from WB, of course, we don’t know if Grayson ever existed in the DCEU, or if this Todd theory is right. But by comic standards, that beaten-up suit could very well have belonged to Todd before his untimely death at the hands of Jared Leto’s Joker.

What do you think of this Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice theory – could the suit belong to Jason Todd? Or are there more clues that we’re missing? Check out the Instagram post here to see for yourself, then sound off in the comments below.

Source: CBM