Potential Thor: Ragnarok Spoiler Claims Key Character Will Bite The Bullet


They’re unquestionably some of the biggest movies in production, and with that added attention comes the possibility of spoilers leaking out ahead of time. Earlier this week, Marvel’s next major milemarker Captain America: Civil War was thrust into the spotlight when a rumor purportedly revealed that one key character is set to meet his maker in May’s tentpole release.

Unconfirmed, of course, but speculation nonetheless. It’s a rampant desire for information that is by no means exclusive to Civil War, either, with today bringing a new tidbit for Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok. Once again, said nugget claims that a major character will bite the bullet in the 2017 sequel, so we’ve included the report past the jump should you want to avoid spoilers.


Still with us? Latino-Review has the ‘scoop’, noting that Cate Blanchett will come into the Marvel Cinematic Universe swinging. Picking up the mantle as the Goddess of Death, Hela, LR claims that the arc of Ragnarok will see Blanchett’s antagonist lay siege to Asgard, destroy Thor’s precious Mjölnir, and kill his loyal friend Heimdall (Idris Elba).

Briefly teased during Age of Ultron, we know that Thor: Ragnarok will rain down all sorts of chaos on the golden streets of Asgard – Ragnarok roughly translates to the ‘doom of the Gods’ in Norse mythology – but will Elba be the first to fall? The Marvel Cinematic Universe is oft criticized for wrapping its lead characters in cotton wool, and though both the Civil War and today’s report are little more than conjecture for now, all signs point to the studio ramping up the stakes going into Phase Three.

Thor: Ragnarok will send Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder off on a space-faring adventure with the Hulk when Marvel’s galactic threequel opens on November 3, 2017.