Potterheads share their most disturbing ‘Harry Potter’ theories

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter has entranced legions of fans over the past twenty years, and it through those years that some of the most disturbing and craziest fan theories have circulated the internet. Now with the 20th anniversary looming, fans have come together online to share some of their craziest and most disturbing theories.

We’ve compiled some of the best of them for you below!

10. Goblet of Fire beheading

Okay, this is just the craziest theory ever but also if you are a fan of Voldemort, then this is actually a very decent plan.

9. Mrs. Norris a witch…

I mean a little weird but it’s actually kind of a cool theory and paints the Hogwarts squib and caretaker in a new light.

8. Voldemorts creept baby body

Something tells me that Goblet of Fire has created a lot of disturbed Potterheads.

7. Time travelling Ron

Okay, this is cool, but now I want an alternate prequel series in where this happened.

6. Sirius Black… alive?

Our favorite godfather, this would be a sad but amazing theory.

5. Neville and Obliviation

Sad theory but if we are being honest makes some sense as Neville was quite clumsy at times.

4. Harry, Snape and Voldemort… brothers?

This makes The Tales of Beedle and Bard a little more terrifying.

3. Big old meanie’ Snape

Snape can never catch a break from theories.

2. Horcrux’s and cannibalism

Well, this just makes me feel sick inside.

1. Princess Diana and a Death Eater

Like the poster said, entirely possible based on the timing of events.

Some of these are truly disturbing while others are funny, however, if you want something to lighten up your day then check out these fan reactions to the announcement of the Harry Potter reunion.