Power Rangers Director Dean Israelite Confirms Post-Credits Scene


Post-credits scenes are no longer exclusive to Hollywood’s superhero genre. Yes, Marvel may have popularized the trend all those years ago, as the studio stitched together its groundbreaking shared universe, but we’re beginning to see more and more movies adopt the technique as a means of teeing up a sequel – or some form of continuation.

Kong: Skull Island springs to mind as a recent example, given Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s sky-scraping creature feature adds another brick to Warner Bros. and Legendary’s interconnected MonsterVerse. It won’t be the only March release to have moviegoers hanging around in their seats long after the credits roll though, as Collider reports that Dean Israelite’s imminent Power Rangers reboot also features a post-credits stinger.

It’s actually a mid-credits sequence, according to the writer-director, who revealed that the decision to include an extra scene was always part of the plan. And don’t worry, there are no spoilers to be found in Israelite’s response, so we’ll just have to wait until March 24th before discovering the contents of said scene.

Per Collider:

“It was always gonna be a coda. It was always gonna be sort of a post-credits scene. The only thing that we debated about that was where it comes two and a half minutes into the…after the main one ends, or is it gonna come right at the end of the credits. So we decided to kind of break the credits up.”

Power Rangers will be with us on March 24th. The existence of a post-credits scene only reaffirms Lionsgate’s commitment to nurturing Dean Israelite’s reboot into a bona fide series. While admirable, the potential future of those color-coded Rangers will ultimately hinge on the film’s box office return, and Israelite’s budding franchise revival will need to fend off competition from Kong: Skull Island and Sony sci-fi pic, Life.

Source: Collider