Power Rangers Movie Auction May Mean No More Sequels


2017’s Power Rangers reboot was not the blockbuster Saban was hoping for. Once upon a time, they had plans for multiple movies to follow it, but the studio issued a radio silence on the potential of the franchise after the film was met with middling reviews and a disappointing box office gross. Nonetheless, fans have been hoping for a sequel to materialize at some point, especially as Hasbro just bought the brand from Saban.

However, a new auction which is set to sell off some major props and costumes from the pic seems to suggest that the company isn’t planning on following up Power Rangers any time soon. The preview gallery for the auction reveals that nearly all of the Rangers’ light-up suits are up for sale, excluding Trini the Yellow Ranger’s. Alongside these, the Blue Power Coin and the Red Ranger’s Power Sword are also up for grabs.

Clearly, then, the studio’s not interested in keeping hold of the costumes from the film, which appears to spell out that another movie with the same aesthetic as director Dean Israelite’s effort is out of the question. However, it doesn’t rule out a sequel that shakes things up and gives the Rangers some new threads or maybe introduces a fresh group of characters. Fans are used to that, of course, as the TV series resets itself every year or so.

What’s more, it might prove difficult for Hasbro to reunite the cast of Power Rangers anyways. Dacre Montgomery, who played Jason the Red Ranger, is busy with Stranger Things while Ludi Lin, who starred as Zack the Black Ranger, is finding roles in major productions like Aquaman. Most of all, Naomi Scott – Kimberly the Pink Ranger – has landed leading parts in Disney’s Aladdin and a Charlie’s Angels reboot.

If you’re interested and have a bit (more like a hefty amount) of spare cash to burn, the Power Rangers props auction takes place from July 16th to the 27th. Maybe some fans should buy them all up and remake the movie like those Star Wars fans are doing with The Last Jedi?