10 Things We Want To See In The Power Rangers Sequels


The Power Rangers reboot is now here and despite a lukewarm response from critics, it’s being met with a lot of love from fans and doing some pretty decent box office business to boot. While nothing official has been announced just yet, this will likely be enough for Saban and Lionsgate to speed ahead with their ambitious plan to make five more movies.

While it’s thankfully standalone – for the most part – there’s a lot of potential in Power Rangers for it to spawn a few sequels. It sets up an intriguing backstory for the titular heroes, it hints at an adaptation of a later TV series in the franchise to come and there’s even that old superhero movie staple: the post-credits scene.

So, what would we want to see in the Power Rangers sequels? Well, quite a lot, actually. From fresh locations to new Rangers as well as a few problems fixed, here are 10 things we’d want the five subsequent movies to include. Take a look through them on the next page and as always, be sure to drop us a comment once you’re done letting us know what you hope to see.

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