Power Rangers Star “Can’t Say Anything” About Potential Sequel


Five months on from its arrival in cinemas, a sequel to Lionsgate and Saban’s Power Rangers reboot still hasn’t been officially announced. Before the movie’s release, the studio was open about their plans for a long-running franchise potentially spanning six movies. Once the film failed to spark the box office alight, however, things went quiet. And understandably so.

Is all hope lost, though? Maybe not. While chatting with Screen Rant at SDCC a few weeks back, Power Rangers star Dacre Montgomery – who played Jason the Red Ranger – was asked what’s happening with the sequel. In response, he made it clear that he’s been told not to talk about the movie with the press, saying:

“Ah! I feel so bad. I can’t say anything on this front, on the Power Rangers front. I can’t. I can’t say anything. I’m sorry, but I am glad you liked it. Thank you.”

With that line of questioning a dead-end, the talk moved on to the idea of introducing the Green Ranger in a potential sequel and recasting the character as a woman. It’s a notion that’s been spoken about by other cast members in the past, and Montgomery still wants to see it. Though he did admit that he understands old school fans might want Tommy Oliver to remain a guy.

“Yeah. I think I was talking about that when we were doing a press conference in L.A. I mean, for me, it was just the whole idea of there’s three boys. There’s two girls. What if the sixth Ranger was a girl? I don’t know. I think it’s open for interpretation. That was just mine and a couple of other cast members’ interpretation. Yeah.

But also there’s also some ground there for the OG fans about, like, Tommy is a guy so I’m not wanting to mess with that at the same time as advocating for a girl. So we shall see. I’m not saying there’s a sequel. I’m not saying it’s a girl or a boy, but I hope that if it does go in that direction that everyone can be satisfied with it and that it can be conducive to being a good movie, a good sequel.”

With the movie’s home video sales doing pretty well across the board, we might be about to hear some more official news on Power Rangers 2 fairly soon. As always, watch this space for more.