Power Rangers Star Not Ruling Out A Sequel Just Yet


Roughly eight months on from its arrival in cinemas, a sequel to Lionsgate and Saban’s Power Rangers reboot still hasn’t been officially announced. Before the movie’s release, the studio was open about their plans for a long-running franchise potentially spanning six outings. Once the film failed to spark the box office alight, however, things went quiet. And understandably so.

Is all hope lost, though? Maybe not. While chatting with The Wrap recently, Power Rangers star Dacre Montgomery – who played Jason the Red Ranger – was asked what’s happening with the sequel. He couldn’t confirm anything, of course, but did mention that in his eyes, another installment isn’t “out of sight.”

“I think that cast, we’re like family — we have a little group chat — we all would love to do a sequel,” Montgomery said. “I know we’d all be there in a heartbeat and if something does come through the woodwork, which I’m not suggesting it wouldn’t — I actually don’t think it’s out of sight, but if it does, we’d be very excited to do a sequel.”

While this is obviously far from any kind of confirmation that we’ll get another Power Rangers, it’s still nice to hear that the cast is game for a sequel and that Montgomery isn’t ruling one out just yet. Sure, the first film may have underperformed at the box office, but home video sales were fairly strong and the merchandising boost provided by the movie helped matters, too.

Plus, if a sequel does move ahead, it won’t be short of material to deal with. Apart from the thirty years of TV series to pick from, the first Power Rangers left several plot threads dangling, including a possible return for Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa and the introduction of Tommy the Green Ranger. However, something tells us that the studio will be looking to sweep director Dean Israelite’s effort under the rug and start again with a clean slate.

Whatever ends up happening, it’s good to know that the possibility for a sequel is still there and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as Lionsgate announces any further plans for the Power Rangers franchise.