The Predator: Boyd Holbrook And Trevante Rhodes Feature In First Set Photos

After appearing in the 1987 original, Shane Black is getting involved with the Predator franchise once again, though this time, it’s in a very different capacity. For the upcoming reboot, he’ll be sitting behind the camera and has assembled one hell of a cast to help him resurrect the property. Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Oliva Munn, Jacob Tremblay, Sterling K. Brown, Thomas Jane and more will band together to try and take down the titular monster, and in today’s batch of set photos, we see a few of the leads in action.

Though not terribly revealing, the pics feature Holbrook and Rhodes, along with Augusto Aguilera, riding around the streets on a tank, presumably looking for the beast. Aguilera also appears to have fallen victim to the Predator, though we can’t say for sure if he ends up escaping his encounter alive. From what we can see in these photos though, he’s certainly not looking too good, with a lot of the flesh on his face being burned. As for Holbrook and Rhodes, they appear to be ready for a fight, but it’s hard to gain too much insight from what’s shown here as we don’t know the context of the scene being shot.

Understandably, hopes are high for this reboot. Shane Black is a seriously gifted writer and director with a distinct spark that he can bring to even the most cookie-cutter of franchises. Not only that, but this particular series is definitely due for a great outing, with only the original Predator being unambiguously good.

As such, we’re hopeful that this project can deliver when it claws its way into theaters on February 9th, 2018. An IMAX release is also planned for Black’s long-anticipated redo, and we can’t wait to see that ugly motherfucker iconic movie monster on the big, big screen once again come next year.

Source: Digital Spy