New Predator Movies Will Reportedly Introduce Female Predators


Hollywood is placing a greater focus on diversity and representation than ever before, and that might even extend to a fictional race of extraterrestrial trophy hunters who travel across the universe to kill things for sport. 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg may have voiced his disappointment that the Predator movie he’d been working on for years was revealed to the public, but it also wouldn’t be unfair to say that a lot of fans are hardly enthusiastic about the franchise being rebooted yet again.

After all, Shane Black’s The Predator was only released in the summer of 2018. That being said, the reports that Trachtenberg’s film will be a period piece focusing on a female Native American warrior at least promise a fresh spin on a property that’s largely operated in the realms of militarized sci-fi action with an overload of testosterone.

Insider Daniel Richtman also remains adamant that a sequel to 2010’s severely underrated cult favorite Predators is in development despite there being no confirmation from the studio that such a thing exists, and he’s now claiming that both of the new movies that are in the works will introduce female members of the species into the live-action mythology for the first time.

In Predator lore, the females are larger and stronger than their male counterparts, as well as being more rational and calculating, which could present some new storytelling opportunities that the series has yet to explore in any sort of depth or detail. Of course, any long-running franchise needs to freshen itself up in order to remain relevant, and that’s especially true in the case of Predator, which has been reinvented multiple times already but still hasn’t come close to recapturing the magic of John McTiernan’s classic 1987 original.