Predators Sequel Will Reportedly Get Cosmic And Go Into Outer Space


10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg voiced his disappointment when the news broke that he was developing the latest Predator reboot after revealing that he’d been working on the project for several years already and had managed to keep it under wraps. We don’t know too much about it just yet, but the first rumored plot details have indicated that the movie will be a period piece, focusing on a female Native American warrior who ends up going toe-to-toe with the extraterrestrial trophy hunters.

That’s certainly a fresh and interesting approach to the material, especially when the modern day setting has been done to death already, most recently in Shane Black’s The Predator, which was the highest-grossing installment in the main series but didn’t turn much of a profit after also being handed the largest budget.

Indeed, a lot of fans would have been more than happy to see a continuation of Nimrod Antal’s underrated Predators instead of Black’s uneven hybrid of sequel and reboot, and insider Daniel Richtman has claimed on several occasions now that a sequel to the 2010 cult favorite is in active development, despite there being no concrete evidence of such a thing existing as of yet.


Sticking to his guns, though, Richtman has now reported that the theoretical sequel will go cosmic, which is hardly groundbreaking or revelatory news when Predators didn’t set a single foot on Earth anyway. However, he notes that it’ll take place on a spaceship and see the characters in outer space.

With Trachtenberg’s movie set hundreds of years ago, there’s definitely room for a sequel that could bring back Adrien Brody’s Royce and Alice Braga’s Isabelle, and after hearing co-writer Alex Litvak’s pitch that would have brought us Die Hard meets Alien by way of the Predator franchise, the fans would no doubt love to see it, too.