Preview The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Super Bowl Trailer With A 30-Second Teaser


Not content to just give us a traditional 30-second TV spot, Sony has now released part one of their Super Bowl trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That’s right, this is part one of a trailer, and it comes complete with a cliffhanger ending reminding us to tune in on Sunday to see just how the rest of this preview shakes out.

Setting aside my annoyance at trailers getting trailers, this 30 seconds of footage is pretty action-packed. The beginning of it plays up the threat of Electro a lot more than the first trailer did and it ends with Spidey catching Gwen as she falls from far above the city. While the fact that he catches her hopefully means she’s all right, it’s probably not a good sign that she was up that high in the first place. Stacy’s seemingly constant imperilment in advertisements is already leading to a lot of speculation about the infamous “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” story arc popping up in this movie.

Apparently, this year’s going rate for a 30-second Super Bowl spot is about $4 million, so Sony shelled out quite a bit to nail down Spidey’s time. Then again, considering they’ve already committed to at least two more sequels after this one, it makes sense that the studio would want as much promotion as possible, regardless of the cost.

If the first 30 seconds is any indication, the promotion they’ll get from this trailer will be well worth any price they pay for it. I’m ashamed to admit that a trailer for a trailer has me hooked, but I can’t wait until Sunday.

What do you think of this teaser for the trailer? Are you excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Check it out below and then head on down to the comments section to share your thoughts.