Previous Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Says Secret Wars Movie Is In Development


There have been many rumors about a Secret Wars film being in development for some time now, but they might have finally just gotten a whole lot more weight behind them. In recent comments given at MegaCon to the Geek Culture Congress podcast, Jim Shooter, former Editor-In-Chief for Marvel Comics and the writer of Secret Wars, confirmed he signed contracts related to the rights for the story.

Shooter claims that David Bogart, the Senior Vice President of Operations & Procurement, Publishing at Marvel Entertainment, contacted him about the rights to Secret Wars and wanted him to sign a contract and that they were “prepared to pay [him] $10,000” if he signed it. He found the offer odd considering the story was now over forty years old until it was explained to him.

“[Marvel] didn’t have a single piece of paper that said the Beyonder, Titania, Volcana, and any other characters that we’ve put in there. There’s Spider-Woman for that matter and the whole black costume thing, nothing. No piece of paper that they owned it.”

It seemed that Marvel wasn’t willing to take any chances with a lawsuit, which Shooter quickly noticed. He then asked if Marvel was making a Secret Wars movie to which Bogart allegedly answered, “What? I’m not allowed to tell you that.” To which Shooter replied, “I think you just did.”

Secret Wars was the first-ever crossover event for Marvel, so planning it out now will likely take significant time and planning. You can see Jim Shooter’s full comments (including a hint that the black Spider-Man suit might be coming to the MUC) courtesy of Geekosity Magazine in the video below.