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Production On Deadpool 2 Pushed As Search For New Director Intensifies

Filming on Deadpool 2 will commence a little later than expected as the search for a new director begins to heat up.

As expected, it looks like the departure of both director Tim Miller and composer Junkie XL (AKA Tom Holkenborg) has had a knock-on effect to the production of Deadpool 2.

Initially on course to enter development in March, Collider is reporting that 20th Century Fox has quietly reshuffled the pack as the search for a new director intensifies. Still nothing to report on that front, but that means those reports claiming Deadpool 2 was set to begin filming in January are essentially bogus. Citing sources close to Fox, Collider’s report goes on to reveal that the previous March date was pinned down while Tim Miller was still on board, indicating that the studio will likely push the start date to summer 2017 once a replacement director has been appointed at the helm.

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Keep in mind that 20th Century Fox hasn’t committed to a launch window – Deadpool 2 is, at the time of writing, still without a release date – which tells us that there’s still much planning to be done before Ryan Reynold’s Merc With a Mouth can spring before the cameras once more. Out of the filmmakers said to be in contention for the gig, John Wick co-director David Leitch has emerged as an early frontrunner, having already staged a meeting with Reynolds himself. Collider points to writer-director Drew Goddard as another potential candidate as well.

As exciting as that is, it’ll be some time yet before Deadpool 2 begins to come together. Fox will no doubt be keen to push full steam ahead ASAP – the original did hit $782 million worldwide, after all – but part of what made the 2016 sleeper hit so successful was the craftsmanship behind both the performances and the R-rated humor. Whoever is elected to direct, he/she ought to be given the necessary time to make the sequel their own.

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