Production Wraps On Blumhouse’s Halloween


And, that’s a wrap! Yes, filming on Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel has now reached the finish line ahead of the pic’s October 19th release.

After a relatively brief spell in front of the cameras, during which time Jamie Lee Curtis shared scores of set photos, the team is now headed into post-production and over the next few months, we imagine that all sorts of official stills and, of course, a trailer or two will make their way online. It’s still early days, yes, but Blumhouse knows how eager fans are to see something – anything – from the pic and hopefully, they’ll start delivering the goods soon enough.

Until then, we can tell you that this new Halloween is poised to pick up shortly after the 1978 original left off. In doing so, director David Gordon Green and Co. plan to ignore all other installments in the hit horror franchise in favor of John Carpenter’s classic. And it’s this soft retcon that has allowed for the return of Laurie, the Haddonfield scream queen played by the aforementioned Curtis.

And speaking of screams, Danny McBride, who co-wrote Halloween alongside Green, has already warned fans that the forthcoming sequel heralds a “very scary” viewing experience. With that in mind, we can safely expect a helping of old-school horror this October, which is rather fitting when you consider that the industry will be commemorating the time-honored legacy of Carpenter’s original. Because even after 40 years, that iconic, shrill piano soundtrack is enough to send one or two chills down our spines.

On October 19th, Halloween will cordially invite viewers back to Haddonfield for another round of thrills, spills and supernatural chills, and we can hardly wait.

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