Quentin Tarantino Says We May Get A 4-Hour Cut Of Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood


Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood was recently released on home video and the film is already entering awards considerations. Quentin Tarantino’s latest has five Golden Globe nominations including Best Picture and it’s on track for more accolades at the 92nd Academy Awards.

But even though the pic is already out, Tarantino isn’t afraid to tinker with the finished product and give fans even more content. Indeed, rumors of a possible 4-hour cut hit the web earlier this year and folks were predictably intrigued.

While screening the film at the ArcLight Hollywood theater recently, Tarantino spoke about additional footage and how he was so pleased with it that he went to Sony boss Tom Rothman to help him in the editing process.

“It’s all good. It’s all great. I don’t know if an audience would sit for it, but I love it. So we showed it to Tom Rothman and it was like, ‘OK, here this all is. We know that this is a movie, but maybe you can help us out because we like everything.’”

It’s interesting to listen to a legend like Tarantino admit to going to the head of a studio for guidance on finishing his film. After all, you often hear about studios meddling in a director’s vision, so this is certainly refreshing to learn about.

If you’ll recall, the initial release of Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood was 161 minutes until Tarantino re-released it again with an additional 10 minutes of deleted scenes. And if you watch the trailers, there was even more left on the cutting room floor, including scenes with more of Charles Manson (Damon Herriman), not to mention all of the small cameos by established actors who had very little to do including Scoot McNairy, Clifton Collins Jr., Dakota Fanning and the late Luke Perry.

As mentioned earlier, Tarantino likes giving fans alternate cuts of his films and while he didn’t offer a specific release date for when we could see an extended version of Once Upon a Time, he still seems willing to show us a longer iteration of it.

“Hey look, it’s all good so once this whole thing is said and done, maybe in a year’s time, we probably will.”

Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood was one of the best movies of 2019, without a doubt. Honestly, I could watch Brad Pitt driving that old Cadillac DeVille through 1969 Los Angeles for hours, so you can definitely count me in for a longer version should we end up getting one.

But what do you think? Would you sit through an extended cut? Let us know in the usual place down below.