Quentin Tarantino: “Never Say Never” When It Comes To Kill Bill 3


Quentin Tarantino may have upcoming western The Hateful Eight firmly trained between his crosshairs, but that doesn’t mean the director doesn’t refer back to his beloved – and perhaps greatest – revenge story and tease a potential threequel. That’s right, more than a decade after the acclaimed sequel, Kill Bill 3 continues to flirt with the limelight, and during Tarantino’s appearance at Comic-Con, the esteemed filmmaker offered his own two cents on the long-rumored continuation.

Does that mean that the third installment is easing closer to a production start? Not exactly. When asked about the chance of him returning to the hyper-violent series, Tarantino replied with “never say never,” which is at once a reassuring lifeline and a frustrating answer. And yet, the director did note that leading star Uma Thurman – who plays the menacing Bride – is on board for another chapter, though it’s merely a case of the remaining pieces falling into place at the right time.

“Never say never,” Tarantino said. “We’ll see, when it comes to Kill Bill 3. Uma [Thurman] would really like to do it, we talk about it every once in a while or so…We’ve got to wait for Vernita’s daughter to get old enough to go and kill her,” he quipped.

Initially planned as a single release, the Bride’s brutal story of revenge was eventually split into two installments, with Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Kill Bill: Volume 2 arriving within the space of nine months. Since the latter’s release in 2004, though, Tarantino has been keeping busy with various different genres. But considering that the famed director is seemingly always on the verge of retirement, will Kill Bill 3 ever see the light of day?

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