Quentin Tarantino Says Kill Bill Vol. 3’s Definitely In The Cards

Kill Bill

Black Mamba will return… but not for another few years at least. That’s according to Quentin Tarantino himself, who provided a brief update on the status of Kill Bill Vol. 3.

Good news? It’s “definitely in the cards,” after Tarantino confirmed as much during his sit-down interview with Andy Cohen (on Andy Cohen Live), where much of the discussion revolved around five-time Golden Globe nominee Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The retro-inspired drama proved to be a big win for QT, and while longtime Kill Bill fans are longing for the moment when he announces the start of production on Vol. 3, it’ll be some time yet before Tarantino gets the gang back together again. Three years, in fact. We can at least take solace in the fact that Tarantino is now in possession of a story he’s satisfied with; one worthy of The Bride, and definitely not “some cockamamie adventure.”

I just so happened to have dinner with Uma Thurman last night – we were at a really cool Japanese restaurant. I do have an idea about what I would do with [Kill Bill Vol. 3]. That was the whole thing… conquering that concept of what’s happened to The Bride [Uma Thurman] and what do I want to explore. Because I don’t want to just come up with some cockamamie adventure; she doesn’t deserve that.

Kill Bill

Asked if there has been any tangible movement on Kill Bill Vol. 3, Quentin Tarantino went on to clarify that while he’s still in regular contact with lead star Uma Thurman, the stars haven’t quite aligned for the long-rumored threequel. Not yet, at least.

He concluded:

I wouldn’t do it for a little bit; it would be at least three years from now, or something like that. But it is definitely in the cards.

So, there you have it: though he’s hummed and hawed, QT is on the verge of committing to Kill Bill Vol. 3. The question, really, is whether this will signal his tenth and presumably final movie as director? Or will he make an allowance for that gestating Star Trek project? Time will tell.