A Quiet Place 3 And 4 Reportedly In Early Development

A Quiet Place

The commercial and critical success of A Quiet Place back in 2018 came as a shock even to the film’s producers, though now it seems that director John Krasinski is confident that he’ll be able to ride on this wave for quite a while.

So much so, in fact, that the team is already reportedly busy at work developing the third and fourth installments. The second one, titled A Quiet Place Part II, was supposed to release early last year, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing laws, Paramount had no choice but to delay the film on multiple occasions. Now, despite global efforts to speed up the vaccination process, the studio has once again decided to push it back from its April 23rd release date to September 17th. As such, it’ll still be some time before we can finally experience the anticipated sequel.

And yet, without even a critical consensus to guide them forward, or so much as a guarantee that the second flick will be as successful as the first one, it appears that Paramount is now fast-tracking the next two entries in the franchise. At least, that’s according to insider Daniel Richtman, who shared the intel on his Patreon page while maintaining that no further details are available at the moment aside from the fact that a third and fourth outing are in early development.

Of course, the post-apocalyptic universe of the horror pic left a lasting impression when it released over two years ago. For those unfamiliar, A Quiet Place chronicles the story of the Abbotts as they adapt to a society in ruins, overrun by a race of mysterious aliens that are attracted by sound like a moth to a flame. Though now that the family has discovered their one weakness, it’ll be interesting to see how they fare in the grim world when they venture out from their homestead.

With any luck, A Quiet Place Part II will end up imitating the success of its predecessor, lest we say goodbye to this compelling new horror universe before its time.