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A Quiet Place Part II Gets A New Fall Release Date

After having been delayed indefinitely, Paramount has now handed A Quiet Place Part II a new Fall release date, and here's when it'll land.

A Quiet Place Part II

Now that A Quiet Place Part II has been delayed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s going to be a while before we get to lay eyes on the sequel to John Krasinski’s intriguing apocalyptic world which we were first introduced to back in 2018’s smash hit horror pic.

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If you’ve seen it, you’ll know that The Office star turned the original into an unexpected masterpiece, one which went on to do big business at the box office, too. As such, a sequel was ordered up pretty quickly and thankfully, Krasinski had some interesting ideas about where he wanted to take things next, meaning that A Quiet Place Part II won’t just be a rehash of everything we saw in the first movie.

So, you can imagine how disappointing it was to learn that the pic had been delayed indefinitely. But with the Coronavirus sweeping through the nation and theaters closed down now, it was definitely the right move and it turns out that Paramount has already settled on a new date for the sequel to premiere.

Announced earlier today, A Quiet Place II will now make its debut on September 4th. Sure, it’s quite a ways away from its original premiere date, with the pic initially set to drop at the end of March, but at least it’ll see the inside of theaters this year.

Then again, who knows where the world will be by then? For all we know, cinemas may be closed still and Paramount might be forced to delay the film again. For now, though, we’ll remain optimistic and hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on the highly anticipated horror release before the year is out. Fingers crossed.