Rachel Weisz Ventures Into The Complete Unknown In First Trailer For Sundance Hit


Rachel Weisz harbors an identity crisis in today’s first trailer for Sundance hit, Complete Unknown.

Hailing from Amazon Studios and IFC Films – the two backers behind the psychological thriller – this teasing snippet introduces us to Weisz’s Alice (Jenny?), an old flame to Michael Shannon’s Tom who drifts through life one discreet identity at a time.

Joshua Marston (The Forgiveness of Blood, Maria Full of Grace) is at the helm for Complete Unknown, which has immediately piqued our attention with its two stellar leads in Shannon and Weisz. Plus, there’s something dreamy and oddly mesmerizing about the latter’s performance – who is Weisz’s character, exactly? – and we can only imagine that level of intrigue will be dramatically amplified across the full feature.

Complete Unknown will open via limited release on August 26. Kathy Bates, Danny Glover, Michael Chernus and Azita Ghanizada also star.


A mysterious woman with a remarkable past revisits a former lover, complicating the settled life he has built for himself and his wife in Complete Unknown, an unsettling exploration of identity from acclaimed filmmaker Joshua Marston (Maria Full of Grace, The Forgiveness of Blood).

As Tom (Michael Shannon) celebrates his birthday with a group of close friends in Brooklyn, he is startled to see a woman from his distant past at the party. Jenny – or Alice (Rachel Weisz), as she now calls herself – first denies even knowing Tom, but as the evening progresses, she reveals a shocking secret. After disappearing from Tom’s life 20 years earlier, she began to reinvent herself every few years, taking on a new name, a new career and a new life each time. After giving Tom a glimpse of what life could be like if he lets go of the safety and security he has so carefully created, Alice asks him to make a choice that will change everything.