Rawson Marshall Thurber Turns Down Ant-Man


For the next chapter in the increasingly complex saga of Ant-Man, we have Rawson Marshall Thurber. After Edgar Wright departed the project, there was word that Thurber would be in the running for the gig. He wasn’t offered it first though, no, that honor went to Adam McKay, who promptly declined. Marvel then ran over and asked if Thurber would be interested, but it turns out that he’s not, as we now have word that he too has turned down an offer from the studio.

I wasn’t particularly excited about the prospect of Thurber taking on Ant-Man in the first place, but I suppose it wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world. Regardless of how he would have done with the project, the fact he turned it down does not bode well for Marvel here. This is turning into a pretty big mess, and if I had to guess, I’d assume they’re regretting not letting Wright have his way.

Part of the excitement around Wright directing Ant-Man was that everything pointed toward him bringing a unique vision for one of the quirkier characters, thus helping Marvel continue to stay fresh. When franchises get dull is when all the films take on the same exact tone. I get that Marvel has plans for this character in the future, but to avoid a unique and exciting vision is a mistake.

Basically, if Marvel has this specific plan for the character, they’re going to need to find some unknown director who’s willing to do exactly what they say. In fact, they’re probably better off finding someone who hasn’t done anything more than direct a second unit and is hoping to get their break. And if that’s what Marvel wants from their films, they might as well just have Joss Whedon take a co-director credit for every film from here to Phase 10.

Speaking of people who haven’t directed anything but would be willing to do exactly what Marvel says, I’m not up to anything this summer… If anyone at Marvel happens to be reading this, feel free to give me a call. I’ll do exactly as you say with Ant-Man.