Ray Fisher Addresses Rumors Of Him Leaving Cyborg Role


Over the past few months, it’s been looking increasingly likely that Ray Fisher and DC are about to go their separate ways.

Amid reports that Fisher’s on-screen hero, Cyborg, has been earmarked as a TV-exclusive character for Doom Patrol, and was just cast the other day, many assumed that the actor was getting ready to leave the role behind. After all, he was said to be “very upset” by the decision to pull Cyborg from The Flash’s solo movie. And don’t get us started on the fact that Warner has since removed its standalone film for Victor Stone from their slate.

All of this has led many to conclude that Fisher’s days in the biomechanical suit are numbered, and that’s despite only notching a single appearance in the DC Extended Universe. Sorry, we mean Worlds of DC.

But according the actor himself, that’s just not true. Taking to Twitter to cut through the noise earlier this week, here’s what he had to say:

I don’t usually engage the rumor-mill, but it’s recent turn may be worth a little grist: I am NOT, nor do I have ANY intention of, leaving Cyborg. Furthermore, if/when the time comes for me to hangup my all-too-revealing mocap onesie, you will hear it from me directly. #BORGLIFE

While that’s certainly encouraging to hear, it still does beg the question: where, or rather, when can we expect to see Cyborg again? One quick look at the Worlds of DC slate shows us a number of films, but none of them seem to have made room for Mr. Stone. And with Warner Bros. keeping mum on their plans for the character, all that fans can do right now is speculate on when they may see him again.

In the meantime, we can at least look forward to what appears to be a trio of promising releases for the franchise, which begins with Aquaman on December 21st and will then continue in 2019 with both Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984. Beyond that? Well, things remains up in the air, but let’s just hope that Warner Bros. finds somewhere to squeeze ol’ Cyborg in.