Could Ray Fisher Be Done As Cyborg In The DCEU?


Earlier this week, Justice League star Ray Fisher spoke excitedly about what other DC projects he’d like to be a part of as Victor Stone AKA Cyborg, the character he first appeared as in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and was initially expected to show up as across multiple productions – such as Justice League 2, Flashpoint and, ultimately, his own standalone venture.

However, a new bit of speculation has arisen that suggests Fisher’s career in the DCEU has been brought to a premature end. As Mario-Francisco Robles of Revenge of the Fans argues, Arrow star Manu Bennett’s recent comments that he’s no longer allowed to appear as Deathstroke on TV because of Joe Manganiello’s solo movie being in the works implies that DC is currently very strict about sharing characters between the two mediums.

If that’s true, this would mean Cyborg’s a TV-exclusive character from now on. The hero’s set to debut in Doom Patrol, the new series coming to the DC Universe streaming service, with casting calls suggesting he’ll later transfer over to the linked show Titans. Given that nothing has moved forward on the Cyborg movie over the past two years, it could be that the studio has held up its hands and let their TV associates do what they like with the character instead.

The kink in this theory is, of course, that there are a bunch of other heroes that either will or currently operate on both film and TV – the Flash, Superman, Nightwing, etc. Still, even if there isn’t a rule saying that Ray Fisher can’t appear on the big screen as Cyborg again, we’re not sure that he will all the same. Out of all the projects that do seem to be going somewhere – The Batman, Birds of Prey, Batgirl – there’s just no real place for Victor Stone in any of them.

What do you think, though? Are you happy for Cyborg to only appear on TV, or do you want to see more of Ray Fisher’s version of the hero? Join the conversation in the comments section down below.