Ray Porter Reveals His Darkseid Voice In New Justice League Snyder Cut Video


As a realist, I can’t rule out the possibility of Warner Bros. releasing the elusive Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League on home video at some point down the line, just as they once did with Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut. That said, my gut tells me they won’t give up the goods anytime soon.

Regardless, that hasn’t stopped a very vocal minority from relentlessly campaigning for such a thing to see the light of day in the very near future. In fact, what would be a substantial some of money to us mere mortals has been raised by way of crowd funding, though it’s hardly enough to make a major motion picture studio bat an eyelash.

As luck would have it, one guy who’s siding with the diehards is that of Ray Porter, whom we recently learned would’ve voiced Darkseid in Snyder’s untouched film. Thanks to Screen Rant, we can share a video (found below) that features said actor ever so briefly teasing what his character voice would’ve sounded like.

Of course, plans changed and the true Lord of Apokolips was jettisoned from the final cut so that Steppenwolf be made THE big bad. Though I can understand that from a filmmaking perspective, knowing we were incredibly close to seeing one of my favorite villains on the silver screen enrages me to this day.

From the sound of it, Porter likely would’ve brought the right amount of gravitas to the role. You probably don’t need me to tell you that Michael Ironside is still viewed by many as the definitive voice of Darkseid – and I can’t argue that – but there’s always room for someone else to run with the torch.

So, even though Darkseid would’ve had a small role in Snyder’s Justice League Part One, I wouldn’t mind hearing what Porter could’ve brought to the table in a souped-up Blu-ray re-release. Again, I’m not saying anyone should hold their breath, but it never hurts to remain optimistic.