Reactions To Lincoln Premiere At The New York Film Festival

Steven Spielberg’s latest film, Lincoln, is one of the most anticipated films for the remainder of the year. Not only because it of its cast and director, but also because it is expected to be a major contender come awards season.

Though we’ve already seen a trailer, people are still wondering if the film is any good or not but now with the film’s premiere having taken place at the New York Film Festival, we are starting to hear the first reactions.

Here’s just a few of the things that people have had to say:

@reverse_shot: LINCOLN: Sophisticated, erudite political procedural from Spielberg and Kushner. Genuinely superb.

Steve Zeitchik @ZeitchikLAT Daniel Day-Lewis much more understated and playful than thescenery-chewing trailer suggests.

Clayton Davis ‏@AwardsCircuit LINCOLN soars and Spielbergs best in years #NYFF

Eugene Hernandez ‏@eug Just saw LINCOLN at #NYFF. Swept up by grand Americana theatricality & strong perfs. 1800s West Wing? A bit. Engrossing political melodrama!

Logan Hill ‏@loganhill33 Spielberg’s Lincoln at #NYFF was rock solid monument to Abe, a bounce back from War Horse. Predix: Oscar noms galore. Tommy Lee Jones FTW

Matt Patches ‏@misterpatches Spielberg’s Lincoln turns a defining moment in history into a human story. Day-Lewis is dynamic, but it’s a great ensemble piece. #NYFF

As predicted, there is major praise for two-time Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis‘ portrayal of Lincoln, but there is also major praise for the film itself and the rest of the cast.

It’s also interesting to see how someone refers to it as a “bounce back from War Horse.” I enjoyed War Horse, but it wasn’t particularly great. Did it deserve a Best Picture nomination? Probably not. Plus, its chances were pretty much shot once it didn’t get a Best Director nod for Spielberg. Could Lincoln get Spielberg a nod once again, something that hasn’t happened since he directed Munich back in 2005? It’s very possible.

As far as a Best Picture nomination goes, it seems quite possible as well given the praise for the film, and if it is indeed a stronger film than Spielberg’s last, its chances seem even better.

As usual, we’ll start to get a better consensus when Lincoln screens for critics in the coming weeks. Everyone else will finally get a chance to see the film when it opens limited on November 9th, followed by an expansion on November 16th.

(Source: Awards Daily)