Reactions From Secret Screening Of The Master

Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master has become one of the most anticipated films for the remainder of 2012. We recently learned that its release date was bumped up to September 14, allowing for Anderson’s fans to eliminate an extra month of waiting. There was also news that the film would premiere at both the Toronto and Venice Film Festivals, making us think we’d have to wait until then to hear whether the film was good or not.

Well, apparently we didn’t have to wait that long after all, as The Film Stage is reporting that a secret screening of The Master was held last night in Santa Monica’s Aero Theater, attached to a screening of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The audience was merely told “that there would be a mystery 70mm movie projected as a second feature.” Half an hour after The Shining ended, the audience came back and was treated to Anderson’s new film, which was said to be “around 130 to 150 minutes.”

It’s been five years since Anderson’s critically acclaimed film There Will Be Blood left audiences wondering what he could possibly do as a follow-up. Now it appears that he may have another hit on his hands.

Check out these stunning reactions from the crowd:


Don’t want to say more than a few words about it but it is an all around excellent film. If it were me, I’d put them both [Phoenix and Hoffman] in the Best Actor category but if one them is getting the supporting nod, its Hoffman. I’ve yet to see one bad PSH performance but this one may be his best. Will get nods for Picture. Good chance of winning original screenplay and acting awards.


The Master was amazing. Oscars all over this one…see The Master in 70 mm. Looked gorgeous and its the way P.T Anderson wants you to see it.


Just saw “The Master”. A movie has never made me feel quite like this one did. I can’t describe it or even rate it. I am speechless.


THE MASTER is…interesting…I’ll be thinking about it for days#THEMASTER70MM J Phoenix and P S Hoffman are out of this world.


PTA’s best. Not a doubt in my mind. Possibly the best film watching experience I’ve ever had. #THEMASTER70MM


Just saw secret screening of The Master with P.T. Anderson and Maya Rudolph in attendance. It’s about much more than Scientology.


Hoffman is one of the finest actors alive. The Master is (more) proof. #themaster


Saw The Master in 70mm at the Aero Santa Monica. Surprise screening after The Shining. Its like nothing yvever seen before.


The Master: B+ hazy, meandering story with beautiful staging and headed by Phoenix’s brilliant, year’s-best performance.”


THE MASTER is…interesting…I’ll be thinking about it for days #THEMASTER70MM J Phoenix and P S Hoffman are out of this world


duuuuuude, the master was goooooooooood

Wow. Seems to be quite the success, especially with some people already predicting “Oscars all over this one.” Could this indeed be Anderson’s return ticket to the Oscars?

The trailer is certainly a fascinating watch and Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman seem to be at the top of their game, as some of these reports indicate. That being said, I can’t say that I’m particularly excited to see the film, but I am interested in it and will definitely be checking it out.

As mentioned earlier, the film will be making its official premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival before being released to the rest of us, starting on September 14th. It will then expand on September 21st.

Do these reactions get you even more excited for The Master? Let us know in the comments!

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