This Is The End Red Band Trailer: Michael Cera Is Dead

As I sit here in my “I Survived The 2012 Apocalypse” T-shirt laughing at the Mayan calendar (which some lazy dude probably stopped writing when he got far enough), Seth Rogen and James Franco have given me another reason to laugh at the apocalypse – a hilarious red-band trailer for their new end of the world themed film.

What started as a short film/trailer titled Jay And Seth Vs. The Apocalypse has now been blown up to a scale 20x grander, featuring all the celebrities pictured above – plus many more – facing the apocalypse supposedly after a party at James Franco’s house. Titled This Is The End, how can you not be excited for this horror comedy featuring some of the funniest people in the business right now?

Introducing the first official red-band trailer are Rogen and Franco, joking around in James’s bunker while preparing for the Mayan apocalypse that was supposed to happen today. There’s the typical humor bro-humor between the two, fighting with sex toys and suppressing their deepest hidden desires, leading us straight into their riotous trailer where Danny McBride roasts each living celebrity, along with the dead ones.

After following this project for a while as both a gigantic horror fan and overall fan of most the comedic talents involved, The Is The End has already delivered something amazing – and that’s only with a short trailer. Honestly, there isn’t a word that describes how spectacular of a combination of talents this is, as all the celebrities have signed on to just play themselves. In the trailer alone we get a Green Hornet joke thrown Rogen’s way, the type of meta self-reflecting comedy not enough comedies show. In fact, it’s less a scripted comedy, and more just a group of friends hanging out and tearing each other to shreds verbally – then getting torn apart physically by apocalyptic forces.

Opening July 14th, 2013, This Is The End features James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, and Jay Baruchel – along with a bevy of friendly faces like Jason Segel, Michael Cera, Emma Watson…honestly, I could go on for days with this list, so just wait until the movie and be surprised.

Check out the trailer below!

Source: [The Playlist]

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