‘Red Sonja’ star confirms the remake is still happening

red sonja

A movie that flopped at the box office, was panned by critics and has been cited by no less an authority than star Arnold Schwarzenegger as the single biggest mistake of his career hardly sounds like the ideal candidate for a remake, but Hollywood has been trying to get a new version of Red Sonja off the ground since 2008.

Robert Rodriguez was the first name attached, with Rose McGowan being eyed for the lead. After that fell apart, Con Air‘s Simon West came on board, with producer Avi Lerner revealing he’d love to see Amber Heard wield the sword. Bryan Singer was also circling the project in 2018, before the series of allegations leveled against him put paid to that notion.

red sonja

The latest update came earlier this year, with Joey Soloway directing and co-writing Red Sonja alongside Tasha Huo, with Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s Hannah John-Kamen signed as the title heroine. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress confirmed that was still the case, but no further details beyond that were offered.

Nobody’s really crying out to see an all-new Red Sonja, but fair play to the current creative team if they can be the ones to actually get it in front of cameras, and let’s just hope that the thirteen years and counting in development hell is worth it in the end.