#ReleaseTheAyerCut Trends Again As Fans Refuse To Give Up

Suicide Squad
Image via DC Films/Warner Bros.

Even though the DCEU has upwards of a dozen projects in development for either the big screen or HBO Max, fans continue to campaign for the things that Warner Bros. maintains it has no plans to give them.

If #RestoreTheSnyderVerse isn’t trending, which it was before, during and after the DC FanDome event as supporters made it clear they’ve got no intention of believing Zack Snyder’s Justice League marked the end of the line, then it’s #ReleaseTheAyerCut.

David Ayer continues to unveil new images and information about his original intentions for Suicide Squad, even though he claimed a few months ago that he was done talking about it publicly. The movement was one of the top topics on Twitter again last night, and you can check out some of the latest reactions below.

It’s been almost five and a half years since Suicide Squad was released, with James Gunn’s hybrid of sequel and reboot arriving this summer, and yet the clamor to see the unfiltered product of Ayer’s vision remains undiluted. Rumors abound that it may yet end up happening, but even if it doesn’t, the online community has set out a stall that it shows no signs of taking down at any point in the near future.