Resident Evil Movie Reboot Reportedly Releases In Early September


Constantin’s big screen reboot of the Resident Evil film franchise appears to finally have a concrete release date.

According to folks over at Twisted Voxel, the live-action horror/thriller flick – which is said to more closely follow the source material compared with Paul W.S. Anderson’s adaptation – has been labelled by the aforementioned production company as hitting theaters on September 9th, 2021. The fall would certainly make sense considering the recent confirmation that filming has finally wrapped, though it would seem that all mention of the big day in question has since been removed. Indeed, a quick glance over the movie’s official page (the source provided by Voxel) on Constantin’s website yields no such information, suggesting that someone likely jumped the gun, so to speak.

It’s not exactly a conventional method of revealing an upcoming film’s release window, after all, and definitely unceremonious. Chances are, the date will be ratified in the near future with a trailer intended to give fans their first look at Raccoon City and its ill-fated inhabitants.

It’s still not entirely clear just how much of the story presented in Capcom’s classic originals is intended to be covered in this particular iteration, though set photos confirming Raccoon City as well as what appears to be a take on the iconic Spencer Mansion have steadily been surfacing online over the last few months. Claire and Chris Redfield, Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, William Birkin, Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker are all confirmed to make an appearance in some capacity, too, so our best guess is that events will conclude with Jill’s escape from the nightmare as seen in Resident Evil 3.

In any case, we imagine we’ll be getting some official stills and footage quite soon. As such, be sure to watch this space for more.