First Resident Evil Reboot Poster Teases Fan Favorite Characters

Resident Evil

Constantin’s upcoming reboot of the Resident Evil film franchise is finally beginning to pick up steam.

The hugely anticipated video game adaptation, which we know will stick much closer to the source material than Paul W.S. Anderson’s movies did, will be with us on Labor Day weekend and though we’re still a ways out from September, it looks like the promotional campaign is about to kick off.

A trailer continues to elude as, as do any official photos for that matter, but what we do have in their place is the first poster. Seen in the gallery down below, it’s admittedly not much, but it does tease all the fan favorite characters that we can expect to see in the reboot. Now we just need a look at them in action to see how director Johannes Roberts has brought them to life.

Indeed, with a cast that boasts names like Hannah John-Kamen, Kaya Scodelario, Neal McDonough and more, folks are understandably eager to find out how this new reboot will imagine such iconic characters as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and everyone else who’s mentioned on the above poster.

When we’ll get a proper look at the cast in costume, that we don’t yet know. But with this first bit of promotional material now out in the wild, surely it won’t be long before Roberts lets us in a little more and peels back the lid on his reboot. Until then, though, tell us what you’re hoping to see in the new Resident Evil film by dropping a comment down below and watch this space for further updates as the project continues to come together ahead of its September 3rd release.