Resident Evil Reboot Set Photos Reveal Raccoon City Police Department


New set photos for the upcoming Resident Evil movie reboot are sending fans into a frenzy of excitement, and for good reason.

Filming for the horror flick, which is said to more closely follow Capcom’s source material than Paul W.S. Anderson’s original six-movie franchise did, continues apace in Ontario, Canada, which is being used as the basis for Raccoon City. The fictional mountain town is an iconic location in the games, serving not only as the place where S.T.A.R.S. members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine hail from, but also as a stronghold of the Umbrella Corporation. Following the T-Virus outbreak triggered by scientist William Birkin, the US government ultimately resorts to wiping Raccoon City off the map with a nuclear explosion, an event which we’re sure will be depicted in next year’s retelling.

As for those aforementioned set images, check them out for yourself in the gallery below, courtesy of Twitter users Sisslethecat and EvilHazardBR.

As if the branding didn’t make it obvious enough, many fans have pointed out one particular temporary set construction as looking almost identical to Raccoon City’s police department building, which serves as the location of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield’s nightmarish tale, as told in Resident Evil 2. Likewise, it’s known by way of previous comments from the film’s director, Johannes Roberts, that this live-action adaptation will also encompass the original game’s Spencer Mansion plot, though sadly there are no images of that on display here.

The reboot is scheduled to release in theaters sometime in 2021, a year which will also bring us not only the arrival of Capcom’s Resident Evil Village, but two new original Netflix series based on the franchise as well. See here for more details.