Resident Evil, Underworld And The Mortal Instruments Are All On Their Way To Television


While we had already caught wind of The Mortal Instruments becoming a television show — to ease the financial blow of last year’s City of Bones, no doubt — Germany-based production company Constantin Film has announced plans to bring two other long-running female-led properties to the small screen: Resident Evil and Underworld.

The report comes via Variety, which states that The Mortal Instruments show is due to enter production at some point next year, whereas Resident Evil will shuffle its reanimated corpse onto the small screen after the release of the sixth film — which, incidentally, has been confirmed to be the final entry in the franchise.

In fact, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was due to begin filming a few months ago, but production was halted when series stalwart Milla Jovovich announced her pregnancy.

Switching gears now to another badass female-led franchise, it appears as though Underworld will find a new lease on life on the small screen as well. Speaking with IGN during New York Comic-Con, current series director Len Wiseman shed some light on his vision for the vampire-meets-werewolf series, which may see Selene herself (Kate Beckinsale) make the jump to TV. Said Wiseman:

“There’s a few things being developed right now. There’s some characters we really liked – there’s kind of more of a spin-off of some of the characters like we did with ‘Rise of the Lycans’ and another film is being developed in the works with Kate possibly as well. And then there’s a television series as well. It’s kind of expanding that universe in many ways.”

Tell us, what do you think of these recently announced shows? Is this a valid way of expanding the universe, or have Resident Evil and Underworld already passed the point of saturation?

Source: IGN