Resident Evil Village’s Tall Lady Takes On Kong And Godzilla In Awesome Fan Art

Godzilla vs. Kong

Now that’s a headline we’re sure you never expected to read.

While certainly not as tall or monstrous (that we know of) as cinema icons Godzilla and King Kong, a recently revealed character for Resident Evil Village has captured the imaginations of many due to her unconventional size. Lady Dimitrescu, the castellan of a grand, Gothic-inspired residence overlooking the sequel’s titular setting, has been the subject of near-endless fan art (much of which is NSFW in nature) due to her striking visage and stature, with Capcom even recognizing fans’ adoration of the villain with a message by confirming her height as being almost 10 feet.

Not quite the building-sized gargantuan as either aforementioned creature feature star, then, though that hasn’t stopped Twitter user and freelance illustrator artb0i from imagining what some sort of crossover would look like, and you can check out his interpretation for yourself in the gallery down below.

We should note, of course, that with Village yet to be released, it’s entirely possible that Lady Dimitrescu’s size could balloon to that seen above but we imagine that’d be a little far-fetched even for Capcom’s survival horror series. At the very least, we expect the reasons behind her remarkable stature to be the result of some sort of heinous human experiments and will bet good money on the aristocrat having a gruesome secondary form that Ethan Winters will be forced to do battle with.

We’ll find out for sure, either way, when Resident Evil Village arrives on May 7th for current and last-gen consoles as well as PC. You can check out the latest gameplay, including several scenes featuring the subject of this story, by heading through here.

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