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Resolutely failing to read the room, Netflix advertises $900,000 job to work with AI in the midst of dual strikes

What a great way to continue endearing itself to the picketers.

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In case you hadn’t noticed, Netflix has become one of the major points of contention as writers and actors continue to strike, with the streaming service coming under heavy and sustained fire for failing to offer royalties and residuals befitting of the contributions made by their key creatives.

Having enjoyed an increase in subscribers and a rise in profits after implementing password-sharing crackdowns, the company is looking forward to a banner year from a financial perspective… besides the fact the majority of the people employed to craft its in-house content are furious about the paltry remuneration on offer.

With that in mind, what better time for Netflix to offer a salaried job that pays the lucky candidate the princely sum of $900,000 per year to work with its machine learning program and help usher in the AI apocalypse even quicker than expected?

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Image via Netflix

It sounds like something from a dystopian nightmare, but it’s 100 percent accurate, with the listing describing several of the duties required to continue flipping the bird at hard-working professionals everywhere.

  • Define the strategic vision for MLP, objectives, key results and success metrics in partnership with Engineering and in alignment with broader business objectives.
  • Collect feedback and understand user needs from ML/AI practitioners and application engineers across Netflix, deriving product requirements and sizing their importance to then prioritize areas of investment.
  • Ensure product success throughout the entire lifecycle of strategically important initiatives, from ideation to full launch and ongoing support.
  • Socialize strategic plans, roadmaps, and ongoing progress to stakeholders and executives in product review forums, quarterly OKR check-ins, etc.
  • Create programs around user education and support for users of the ML Platform.
  • Follow and assess external industry trends and innovations.

AI has been a massive part of the ongoing disagreements between those in the picket lines and those in the boardroom, so you’ve got to wonder why Netflix decided now was the ideal time to make it public that it’ll happily pay somebody close to a million dollars per year to enhance its machine learning capabilities.

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