#RestoreTheSnyderVerse trends on 4th anniversary of ‘Justice League’ release

Image via Warner Bros.

It’s been a few weeks since #RestoreTheSnyderVerse was trending on Twitter, so we were about due, and today just so happens to mark exactly four years since Joss Whedon delivered the $300 million equivalent of a wet fart to theaters around the world, igniting a campaign that still hasn’t subsided.

Such was the level of investment made in Justice League by Warner Bros. and DC Films, $657 million at the box office wasn’t enough to see the movie turn a single penny of profit. Fast-forward to today and Ray Fisher is continuing to call out the top brass, Whedon’s mainstream career is dead in the water after a series of allegations, Henry Cavill still hasn’t returned as Superman, Zack Snyder got the chance to make his four-hour dream a reality, and Ben Affleck will be back on our screens for possibly the last time as Batman when The Flash arrives next year.

In honor of the occasion, fans have once again taken to their smartphones, mobile devices and computers to reignite the flames of fervor, hoping that the 467th time marks the charm, and the studio will give them what they crave above all else.

Don’t be surprised if HBO Max’s Justice League becomes the most-watched title on HBO Max in an act of defiance, as the social media movement continues on in the good name of the SnyderVerse, a long-held dream they’ve got no designs of giving up on.