Will Avengers 4 Travel Back To Revisit Guardians Of The Galaxy?


You’re most probably familiar with the big rumor surrounding Avengers 4 at the moment.

Having put together set photos with leaked info, it seems that next year’s Infinity War sequel will feature Earth’s Mightiest Heroes travelling back through time in order to defeat Thanos. In particular, it looks like the events of a few key MCU movies will be revisited. Most notably, The Avengers, as Chris Evans was spotted on set wearing his 2012 Captain America outfit.

Now, adding fuel to the fire is a resurfaced video from Zoe Saldana’s Instagram, which reveals another film that could be revisited in Avengers 4. Shot in August 2017, Saldana can be seen in full Gamora garb in the clip below. Specifically, she’s wearing the costume she had on in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. So, the Avengers may well interact with Thanos’ daughter during that point in her life.

The other big thing this video reveals is that, yes, Gamora will be back in Avengers 4. Saldana’s character was shockingly killed off in Infinity War when Thanos sacrificed his own favorite child in order to claim the Soul Stone. It’s been much theorized since, though, that Gamora’s soul has been stored inside the Infinity Stone, but the Russo brothers have given some conflicting comments on if this is how she’ll be resurrected.

Whether she comes back to life or not (and she definitely will), Saldana will clearly get to play the part again in Avengers 4, thanks to the gift of time travel. Interestingly, the Russos have said that the film vaguely resembles the Avengers Forever comic book, which featured the team uniting heroes from different time periods. So perhaps Past Gamora plays a major role as she’s plucked from her original place in the timeline?

After all, we know that the vibe Marvel’s going for with Avengers 4 is Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s finale, which also acted as a time travelling celebration of what had come before. With that in mind, we expect an emotional ride through the history of the MCU come next May.

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