Retreat Trailer Starring Cillian Murphy And Thandie Newton

Director Carl Tibbetts is making his debut with upcoming horror/suspense film, Retreat. The trailer for the film is now online and it’s looking pretty promising. I love the actors involved and I am huge fan of the virus/infection genre of films, so my hopes are set somewhat high for this one. I love the idea of having it set out in the middle of nowhere on an island, with them not knowing anything about an infection.

Retreat stars Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell and its release date is unknown right now, but Sony plans on releasing it sometime later this year. Check out the trailer and plot synopsis below.

Murphy and Newton play a couple who travel to a remote island cottage, in an effort to focus on putting back the pieces of their broken marriage; their plans are altered by a wounded and armed stranger (Bell), who shows up at their door, carrying news about a deadly airborne virus; the trio, in the interest of survival, seal themselves inside the cottage, and, as you’d expect, like caged animals, tensions rise from the psychological to the physical.