Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Will Be Set After The Rise Of Skywalker


The Skywalker Saga may be ending in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker but the franchise is set to continue beyond the conclusion of the core nine-movie storyline. Numerous projects are in the works at Lucasfilm, including a new trilogy from The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson. Nothing official’s been revealed about the filmmaker’s plans just yet, but we’ve heard some fresh intriguing details from sources today – the same ones who told us about those Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk TV shows well before they were officially announced.

Apparently, Johnson’s trilogy will be set after Episode IX, meaning it’ll continue to move the Star Wars universe beyond the established history. Seeing as the director was so bold in his approach to TLJ, this probably makes the most sense for him as he’ll be free to craft whatever kind of story he wants as he won’t have to dodge any of the previous continuity.

This also fits with the reports that said Johnson’s trilogy is moving past legacy characters from the original films, as it carves out its own path. That said, there is a chance that Daisy Ridley could return as Rey in a supporting role. Likewise, the protagonist of the movies is thought to be another female lead, as per the trend in Disney’s era of Star Wars. 

This reported time period will contrast with another trilogy we’ve heard that’s on the way as well, based on the Knights of the Old Republic. It might be the films that Game of Thrones‘ creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are working on, but it’s not entirely clear right now. In any case, they shouldn’t clash with Johnson’s vision as they’ll be set in the ancient times.

Johnson’s previously teased that he’s got some exciting things in the works for his Star Wars trilogy, too, and that he hopes to answer some big questions in his movies. We’ll no doubt find out more about what he’s working on after The Rise of Skywalker drops this Christmas, but in the meantime, feel free to leave your early predictions in the usual place down below.