Rihanna Addresses Rumors Saying She’ll Be The DCEU’s Poison Ivy


When it comes to Batman, there are so many villains to pluck from his comic books that filmmakers could probably make dozens of movies without reusing a single one of them. The problem is that a numerous amount of them are so iconic that nobody can stand to see some absent from the silver screen for too long.

One such example is that of Poison Ivy. Though she first appeared in the pages of Batman #181 in 1966, she’s shown up in only one movie since that time – and that was 1997’s abysmal Batman & Robin. Still, the femme fatale has enjoyed a variety of animated adaptations and returned to the live action realm while Gotham was still airing on Fox.

Movies are a whole different ballgame, though. While it’s doubtful Poison Ivy will show up in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, we can’t rule out her doing so in a potential sequel. As it turns out, the online community first began suspecting Rihanna as being in contention for the role simply because she mentioned the Batmobile on Instagram and has a habit of dying her hair red.

Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with the singer to ask her what she meant by the social media name-drop, to which she responded:

“Wait did I hint anything? Oh that?! Really? That!? Are you serious? No that has nothing to do with Poison Ivy.”

But yes, Rihanna does love Batman, as she admitted:

“That [post] has to do a lot with Batman [because] I have separate obsessions. I have bigger obsession with Poison Ivy, I’m just being honest. And yeah, I dyed my hair red because of Uma Thurman in the original.”

Regardless, she’d jump at the chance to play the icon if given it, confessing:

“You know what, they didn’t call me yet. But if they did, I would love to go in and try out because Poison Ivy is one of my obsessions in life. I did it for Halloween one year, I mean come on!”

As it so happens, our source did recently tell us that Warner Bros. are considering Rihanna for the Poison Ivy role, so maybe she’ll get her shot. In fact, the recently published Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass graphic novel portrayed Ivy as a woman of color as well, so the material’s already there.