Rihanna to star as Smurfette, write and record music for new ‘The Smurfs’ movie

Images via David Becker/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Discovery

It’s official: bad gyal Rihanna is joining the cast of Paramount’s forthcoming live-action hybrid reboot, The Smurfs Movie, as the voice of Smurfette, but that’s just the beginning. 

Not only is the 35-year-old singer opting to star in the upcoming instead of answering fans’ prayers with another album release. She will also write and record original songs and produce the upcoming project.

According to Paramount Animation head Ramsey Naito, the reboot will uncover several themes, including identity, to really answer the question everyone has been asking, “What is a Smurf?”

As fans of the iconic comics may remember, Smurfette was created by the evil wizard Gargamel in order to spy on the Smurfs. Fortunately, after she expresses her desire to be a real Smurf, Papa Smurf grants her wish. While on stage at CinemaCon, Caesar’s Palace Hotel, and Casino, the singer teased that she tried to get the Papa Smurf role, “but it didn’t work out.” 

This isn’t Rihanna’s first round at voice acting after having worked on DreamWorks 2015 family animated feature Home, which grossed over $380 million at the worldwide box office and featured an ensemble cast featuring the likes of Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin, and many more.  

The Smurfs Movie debuts in theaters on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2025.

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