All Roads Lead To Rome For Sarah Jessica Parker


There are some performers who become synonymous with a particular genre, but at some point choose to head off in a different direction and try something new. One-time romcom queen Julia Roberts dipped a toe into drama with Erin Brockovich, Sandra Bullock did the same with The Blind Side and Gravity, and Steve Carell is now following suit with Foxcatcher. These endeavours are almost always compelling, exciting and successful – and with each casting announcement, we hope that we might hear about the next brave experimentation of a household name. This is not one of those times, however, as we discover that Sarah Jessica Parker will play an “uptight” single woman in the upcoming romantic comedy, All Roads Lead To Rome.

Maggie (Parker) is a conservative, closely-wound type, who embarks on an exciting journey across Italy with her former lover, Luca, in pursuit of her wayward and rebellious teenage daughter. AMBI Pictures and Paradox Studios are producing the project, which will be directed by Ella Lemhagen (The Crown Jewels; Patrik, Age 1.5), from a script she has written with Cindy Meyers and Josh Appignanesi (Song Of Songs).

Andrea Iervolino of AMBI Pictures explained:

“We’ve been looking for a very commercial romantic comedy to add to our slate and immediately knew we found what we were looking for when we read All Roads Lead To Rome. The film is a perfect vehicle for Sarah Jessica Parker – an extraordinary actress who has such an authentic connection with audiences. We’re excited to put this film into production and can’t wait to see Sarah bring the character of Maggie to life on the big screen.”

Silvio Muraglia of Paradox Studios added:

“From the moment Ella [Lemhagen] came on board, we knew we had the foundation of a great project. Her work on Patrik, Age 1.5 absolutely blew us away, and we knew she was the perfect director for the script. Rome is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I can’t wait to see Ella’s vision brought to life by Sarah Jessica…”

Place your bets now as to whether that vision will involve Parker’s fish-out-of-water, “uptight” character being taught the error of her overly-reserved ways by a number of liberated local citizens – as well as her long-suffering, stubborn daughter who just wants her mother to understand her individualistic nature. We’ll find out soon enough, as All Roads Lead To Rome looks set to head into production shortly.