Rob Zombie’s Asking Fans Which Characters They Want To See In Munsters Reboot

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is gearing up to start work on his movie reboot of The Munsters, and it seems he’s giving fans the chance to influence how it turns out.

The horror director officially announced he was helming an R-rated reimagining of the classic 1960s sitcom for Universal earlier this month on social media. And he’s now followed that up with another post asking his followers to vote for which supporting character from the show they’d most like to see in the film.

“You can only pick one! Which of these characters would you like to see in THE MUNSTERS movie?” Zombie wrote in his caption. The options he gave the fans to choose from were TV personality Zombo, Herman’s mortician boss Mr. Gateman, werewolf cousin Lester, family physician Dr. Dudley and Gill-man-like Uncle Gilbert. 

It’s unclear if Zombie is just drumming up interest in the movie with this post, teasing that his reboot will be a deep dive into the world of the sitcom, or is really leaving it up to the fans over which of these will make it into the film. In any case, his wife and leading lady Sheri Moon Zombie has cast her vote. “Uncle Gilbert,” she commented, along with a green heart emoji.

Sheri is taking on the role of vampiric matriarch Lily Munster in the reboot, with the Zombies filling the cast with several other frequent collaborators. 3 From Hell star Jeff Daniel Phillips is Lily’s Frankenstein’s Monster husband Herman, with Richard Brake, Dan Roebuck, Jorge Garcia and Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira, Mistress of the Dark likewise on board. Filming was initially said to begin in Budapest earlier this spring, but Zombie is seemingly still in LA, as he recently shared a video of himself driving the Munster’s iconic car with original Eddie Munster Butch Patrick!

Whenever it gets here, The Munsters reboot is believed to release simultaneously in theaters and on streaming platform Peacock.