Robert Downey Jr. To Appear In Upcoming MCU Film Via Flashback


Minor spoilers to follow.

If the rather excellent Homecoming didn’t give you enough incentive to want to check out Spider-Man: Far From Home in cinemas next month, then maybe knowing that it’ll lay the seeds for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future will. After all, it’s set to introduce the multiverse, something that’d previously been hinted at in Doctor Strange.

Speaking of fleshing out this post-Endgame world though, many fans have been debating and discussing the possibility of Tony Stark’s involvement in the movie. Though he gave his life to stop the Mad Titan and his invading forces, the presence of Peter Parker’s mentor will still loom large in the upcoming sequel, that much we know for sure.

And while True Believers have already begun a petition calling for his resurrection in the MCU, it doesn’t seem like that’s something Marvel would ever consider. They would, however, be open to bringing him back in another capacity it seems, as we’re hearing they’ve actually carved out room in Far From Home for a little Tony Stark cameo.

Speaking to someone who’s already seen the film, We Got This Covered was told that Robert Downey Jr. appears via a flashback. However, from what we understand, no new footage was shot for the moment in question. Instead, it’s just a flashback to a scene from Captain America: Civil War, where we see Tony explaining his B.A.R.F. technology. And while that may be a bit disappointing to some, just having RDJ on our screens again should be enough to make most fans smile when it happens.

In any case, while the details on how this scene factors into Spider-Man: Far From Home remain unclear, it’s nice knowing we’ll get to see Mr. Stark one more time following his death in Endgame and you can be sure that more than a few people will be getting a bit emotional when they head into theaters to catch the Spidey sequel on July 2nd.