Hidden Iron Man Easter Egg Spotted In New Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer


As much as I loved Avengers: Endgame, I must confess something: I enjoyed the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home more than anything hyping Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ latest cinematic outing. Now, that doesn’t mean the wall-crawler’s next solo adventure will wind up being better, but that tells you I still have great confidence in it.

To my delight, that momentum continued into the second trailer for the flick, as it very much looks like we’re in for yet another memorable entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year (yes, I dug Captain Marvel). And as is usually the case, eagle-eyed fans have spotted things that may have gone unnoticed to the rest of us.

Currently circulating on Reddit is a screenshot taken from some of the preview footage. Found below, you can glimpse a graffiti memorial for Iron Man – but if you were to look closer, you’ll see Tony Stark’s face embedded within the helmet. Helping us see what’s going on is a negative of sorts right next to it. If this were a Batman: Arkham game, we’d essentially be viewing it in Detective Vision.

Seeing as how Tony Stark was a mentor of sorts to Peter Parker – not to mention how they’re very much kindred spirits – Shellhead’s influence will still be felt throughout this picture. I mean, not only is this an important movie for the character of Spider-Man himself, but we’re also going to begin getting an idea of what the MCU landscape will look like post-Endgame. And I, for one, can’t wait.

Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives in theaters on July 2nd. Will you be checking it out? Let us know in the usual place below!