Robert Downey Jr. Teases “Big” Avengers: Age Of Ultron Announcement For Tomorrow


With little less than a month until its debut, we are standing on the precipice of the release date for Avengers: Age of Ultron. And its arrival has by no means come out of left field, with Marvel debuting trailer after trailer to trumpet Joss Whedon’s superhero sequel, but it appears as though the studio has one ace card still residing in its proverbial sleeve – or, perhaps more appropriately, the sleeve of Robert Downey Jr.

Taking to Twitter, the Iron Man star announced that a big Avengers announcement is imminent, and that all will be revealed tomorrow morning on Good Morning America. To coincide with the tease, the fan favorite actor posted the following obscure image as a hint of what’s in store.

Captain Marvel? Spider-Man? A cameo by Kevin Feige himself? Unfortunately, there’s not much to go on at this time (though we can probably rule out the latter scenario). Judging from the image above, the screengrab appears to be taken from one of Tony Stark’s armors, leading many to believe that the announcement in question will revolve around either Iron Patriot or Paul Bettany’s The Vision, considering that neither character has been fully revealed to the moviegoing masses.

Whatever the outcome, it’s unlikely to be the release of yet another trailer as was the case when Robert Downey Jr. last teased an imminent announcement pertaining to Whedon’s upcoming sequel. Plus, given that the release date is looming on the horizon, announcing a new Avenger would be rather out of the blue.

Check back with We Got This Covered tomorrow, April 7, when we’ll have a full breakdown of this mysterious Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser.

Source: Twitter